xMatters incident management communication


How does xMatters handle incident communication with customers?


All versions of xMatters


xMatters will communicate information about customer-impacting incident using the following avenues:

  • Support tickets: If a customer opens a support ticket related to an incident, Customer Support shares information and status updates directly through the ticket.
  • Status page: During highly impacting platform wide incidents, xMatters publishes information on our status page and provides regular status updates during incident resolution.
  • Support statements: If a customer requests additional post-incident information, the support team can generate a general statement and send it directly to customers through a support ticket or CSM within three working days of incident resolution. 
  • Root cause analyses: Customer Support and Engineering develop RCAs as part of a formal post-mortem process for all high impact incidents. They post the RCA to the xMatters status page or deliver it to customers on request within seven days of incident resolution.
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