How to add data classifications to alerts



I would like to set up security and privacy categories or classifications for my data. How do I add the classification to my notifications and events?


  • All versions of xMatters


You can add any kind of classification or category to your data by adding a property to the workflow that sends the data to xMatters. You can limit the available classifications to the specific options you require, or create multiple, hierarchical levels of categories. 

As an example, if you wanted to create a list of five specific data classifications that a message sender must select from whenever they want to send notifications, you could create a "Combo Box" property. Here's how to do it.

To create a "Data Classification" combo box property:

  1. Log in to your xMatters instance, and then click Workflows > Workflows.


  1. Open the workflow where you want to create the property, and then click Edit > Layout for the form you want to add the property to. 



  1. Beside the Properties list, click the “+” sign, and then click Combo Box. 


  1. In the Create a new Combo Box property dialog box, enter a name and description, and then specify the values that you want message senders to choose from. (You can also enter some help text that will appear on the message form to help your users understand how to select the correct option.) When you're done, click Save Changes 


  1. On the form's Layout tab, drag the new property into the Custom Section area of the form. If you want to force users to select an option before they can send the form, click the gear icon beside the property and select the Required check box.


  1. Click Save Changes and then test your message!
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