Data security and loss prevention


How does xMatters manage and secure customer data against unexpected loss?


  • All versions of xMatters


xMatters ensures customer data is backed up and secured in multiple ways to guard against data loss in the event of data-impacting incidents where disaster recovery and system restoration measures are necessary.

Hourly snapshots

  • Snapshots of storage devices containing customer data are taken every hour and stored for 24 hours.

Realtime backups

  • Realtime backups of our storage clusters are taken continuously and encrypted within a Google Cloud Storage Bucket.

Daily backups

  • Each customer instance is backed up daily, then encrypted and stored within a Google Cloud Storage Bucket. Daily backups older than 7 days are automatically removed.

Weekly backups

  • Every week, the most recent daily backup is stored as a weekly backup. Weekly backups older than 31 days are automatically removed.


  • Real-time and daily backups are frequently restored to a new cluster to confirm their viability.


  • Customer backups are encrypted using public-key encryption. Cryptographic hashes are performed on the backup and stored as metadata to confirm the consistency of the decrypted backup prior to any restoration.

Backup and restore

  • While xMatters can restore data as part of a system-wide recovery operation, we cannot offer instance-specific data restoration. For more information, refer to Data backup and restore limitations.
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