Nothing is happening when I press a key to listen to a voice message notification


When I receive an xMatters voice message notification, it asks me to press any digit to hear the message, but when I do nothing seems to happen. How can I resolve this?


All versions of xMatters


There are a few reasons this could be happening:

  • It's possible that the call took a few extra moments to connect to your end device, during which time xMatters evaluated that a voicemail has been reached (you can look at the event log to confirm this). If this happened, you can configure a small delay for incoming voice calls before being prompted to press a key.
  • If you're using an office phone which has a small IVR or greeting message, xMatters may also register this as the call being answered by voicemail. Configuring a delay for incoming voice calls should resolve this.
  • If you didn't hear a tone when pressing a key (for example, a beep), this may be a device level issue. Try restarting the device.
  • Your carrier may be experiencing a temporary network issue. In this case, the call should either be retried, or listened and responded to on another device.

For more information about configuring and troubleshooting voice call behavior, click here.

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