Updating user IDs in bulk


I'd like to change the format of the user ID that I'm using in xMatters. Is it possible to modify multiple user IDs at the same time? 


All versions of xMatters


Yes, you can update multiple user IDs at the same time using the xMatters API to get the specific users and update their userID field.

Update multiple userID fields using the xMatters API

  1. Use the "Get People", "Get a Person (by id)", or "Get a Person (by query)" endpoint to obtain the "id" property for each applicable user.
  2. Use the "Modify a Person" endpoint to update the userID field.
  3. Repeat for each user as needed.

Alternatively, you can update multiple user IDs in the web user interface by deleting the current users, and re-uploading them with the new information. However, this would also remove any groups, subscriptions, or schedules they previously had.


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