How to fix an integration if the integration user was accidentally deleted


After performing a user clean-up in xMatters, we noticed an integration no longer seems to work. We can tell it's an authentication issue. What needs to be done in order to fix this?


All versions of xMatters


You need to create a new user to replace the deleted user. However, depending on the type of authentication, you might need to update the target system.

Here are the steps for an integration using URL authentication:

  1. Create the user in the web user interface and give it the "REST Web Service User" role
  2. Get the trigger URL. 
    • Open the workflow and click Integration Builder. Expand the inbound integrations and click the integration name.
    • For a flow trigger, locate the trigger on the canvas and double-click to open.
  3. Under Authenticating User, enter the new user created in step 1 and copy the trigger URL.
  4. Update the target system with the new URL.
    • If the integration uses the Integration Agent, you need to update the WEB_SERVICE_URL parameter in the configuration.js (for example, IA_HOME/integrationservices/bmcim/configuration.js) with the new URL.

This would be similar for any integrations where URL authentication is happening, whether it uses the Integration agent, xMatters Agent or is using Flow Designer or Integration Builder to call a trigger and pass the user's API key.

See the online help for more information about the Integration Builder, Flow Designer HTTP triggers, and the Integration Agent.

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