Troubleshooting issues after upgrading the xMatters application in ServiceNow


We upgraded the xMatters application in ServiceNow, but now I'm experiencing functionality issues with certain settings and scripts. How can I resolve this?


All versions of xMatters 


Performing a full uninstall and then reinstall of the integration on the ServiceNow side should resolve the issue. This also requires you to fully reconfigure the application, but since all the scripts will be reset to their original state, all settings should be configurable.

Note: When uninstalling and reinstalling xMatters, all roles will be dissociated with groups, so care should be taken when working with the Dynamic Sync. To avoid issues:

  1. Turn off the Dynamic Sync.
  2. Reassign the x_xma_xmatters role to users and groups you want to sync.
  3. Turn on Dynamic Sync again.

Learn more about the ServiceNow integration here.


Due to rules in the ServiceNow environment, some upgrade scripts may not have run correctly or were trying to modify a locked script, resulting in an incomplete upgrade. You can review the upgrade logs to see if any issues occurred, or if you have a known working instance of ServiceNow with xMatters integration of the same version, you can compare the scripts from the working one against the one that's experiencing issues. Sometimes, only ServiceNow support can confirm exactly what happened, so you may also need to contact them about upgrade issues.

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