Port requirements for the Splunk ITSI integration


What ports are required to communicate between xMatters and Splunk for the ITSI integration?


  • All versions of xMatters
  • Splunk ITSI integration


For requests from Splunk to xMatters, only the HTTPS port 443 needs to be opened for the Splunk ITSI integration to work. For requests from xMatters back to Splunk such as callbacks for responses, deliveries or status then the port requirement will depend on the splunk base URL you define in the integration:

If only specifying a url with HTTPS then port 443 should be sufficient. If you have a port specified such as https://mysplunkSIserver.com:6090 then that port should also be open to accept the xMatters http requests.

Note: If you need to allow IPs through your firewall, you will need to enter an "allow list" as our allotment of IPs for this purpose are single IPs (not within a range). For more information, check out xMatters IP ranges.

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