Email trigger: Adding the email subject to the xMatters notification


For workflows that use the email trigger, how do I include the email subject in the message body of my xMatters notification?


All versions of xMatters


To add the triggering email subject to an xMatters notification you'll need to create a new property in your workflow:

  1. In the Workflows menu, click Workflows and select the workflow that you're initiating by email.
  2. Click the Properties tab.
  3. Click Create Property.
  4. Select the Text property type and click Next.
  5. Complete the required details, then click Create Property.
  6. Add the newly created field to the desired form's layout in your workflow, 
  7. Click Messages and then edit each message to include this new property (make sure to click Save Changes once you're done).
  8. Click the Flows tab and select your workflow.
  9. On the Create Event step, click Edit. You'll now be able to add the email subject field to the step as required.

For a more detailed guide on flow triggers and how to configure them, see our online help.

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