Using a custom priority property with the ServiceNow integration


We're using a custom field for priority in our ServiceNow instance (for example, our_priority) instead of the stock Priority. Because of this, when a Priority 1 ticket is issued, our xMatters instance is not triggering an event. Is there a configuration fix available for this situation?


  • All versions of xMatters
  • All versions of the ServiceNow integration


By default, xMatters uses the Priority field in the incident model, so if you change this to a custom property, the integration doesn't monitor it. To resolve this, update the xMattersIncident.js script include file. There are a number of instances of incident.priority within the script, which you need to update to reflect the new property field name.

Note: DO NOT modify any instances of (however, that should only be present in the xMattersConfig script include).

Make sure to test this in a Non-Production environment first to evaluate if you've made the right script include modifications.

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