Users page: the "None (Not in a Group)" filter does not apply to devices


When I'm searching for users on the Users page and apply the Groups > None (Not in a Group) filter, I see a list of people who don't belong to any group. But I know that some of those users have a device that is a member of a group. Why are the users showing up in the "Not in a Group" list when their devices are group members?





All versions of xMatters



The None (Not in a Group) filter only applies to users, and not their devices. A user doesn't automatically become a group member if their device is added to a group. 

When creating groups, we recommend that you add the user as a group member and not their device unless absolutely necessary. If you add the device as a group member, any personalized settings the user has configured (such as priority levels, time frames, notification delays, and preferred notification order) are ignored.

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