Seeing payload data in Flow Designer


I have a flow trigger that accepts a payload; is it possible to see what's being received by xMatters?


All versions of xMatters


Yes, you can review the payload data received by xMatters in the Activity section of Flow Designer, or on the Signals report.

To view the payload data in Flow Designer:

Open the flow containing the trigger, and then click the Activity button to open the Activity panel.

In the Steps tab, the Body section displays the POST request issued, payload data, and response


The Log tab displays the processed script and any errors that occur:


To view the payload for a specific event on the Signals report:

  1. First, go to the Recent Events report, locate the event you want to inspect, and open the Properties tab.
  2. Copy the Request ID.
  3. Go to the Signals report and paste the Request ID into the Search field.
  4. On the returned event, check the payload.


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