xMatters Agent: Linux startup error


When installing the xMatters Agent and manually configuring the xa.conf and auth.conf files, I'm receiving this error:

2020-12-16 15:06:56.574 -0500 99510 [main] org.springframework.boot.SpringApplication ERROR --- Application run failed
"java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "8080
Somehow it is not seeing the port as 8080 but rather it see an extra " which is weird.
The auth.conf configuration looks like this:
export WEBSOCKET_HOST=mycompany-np.xmatters.com
export WEBSOCKET_SECRET=2Dtg4iBYMdUbFCBA1HANrA7aHNkdIgn3dhagi4f
export OWNER_API_KEY=20c63e69-1234-5678-ab1c-e04f1abc123e
export XA_PROXY_IP=
export XA_PROXY_PORT=8080
export XA_PROXY_DOMAIN=proxy.mycompany.ca
export XA_PROXY_BYPASS=localhost

Why is this happening?


xMatters Agent on Linux


Unix/Linux environments require specific formatting to update the config files manually. If you edit these files in Windows and upload to Linux, you'll need to make sure to convert them to the correct Linux format to avoid erratic behavior.

For example, if you're editing a file in Notepad/Notepad++ (Windows), you'll see that each line terminates with both CR and LF characters. However, on Linux, each line terminates with only LF characters.

We recommend editing the file in a program like Vi Text Editor (Linux) to correctly format the file and ensure a successful startup.

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