ServiceNow: 'Engage with xMatters' searches don't match the criteria


When I search for a user or group using the 'Engage with xMatters' in ServiceNow they don't match the criteria I'm searching for. What is happening?



  • All versions of xMatters
  • ServiceNow (prior to version 5.x)


This may happen if you're using an older version of the xMatters integration for ServiceNow.

To fix this you should update the application to the latest version. If you're unable to update the application, you need to edit the xMattersAjaxEngage script in ServiceNow.

In the script, line 277 looks like this:

"path": "/api/xm/1/groups?search=" + search_term,

As the API call that issues the request defaults to using OR, you need to change the AND as the operand:

"path": "/api/xm/1/groups?status=ACTIVE&operand=AND&search=" + search_term,


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