Status trigger: output is not null


When an alert times out, the value for the output of a status trigger in Flow Designer is supposed to be null. Why does the Activity Panel show the value of the output for an alert that timed out as the person who initiated the alert?


All versions of xMatters


This is, in fact, a bug that is currently being addressed.

The output of the status trigger contains the UUID of the person who changed the status of alert. When an alert status changes automatically such as by timeout, however, the value for the output is supposed to be null, while the other* outputs (".targetname", ".firstName", and .lastName") should contain values indicating the sender of the alert. 

In some cases, however, the output would also contain the sender's UUID when the alert timed out. The good news is that a fix for this is already in the works and should be applied very soon. 

This may, however, affect any flows that were relying on a UUID in that specific output. Your flow will now properly return a null value, which may affect downstream steps. Be sure to check any status triggers in your deployment to make sure you aren't relying on an incorrect output.

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