ServiceNow integration - HTTP 401 unauthorized errors


We are getting "HTTP 401 - Unauthorized" errors when sending signals into xMatters from ServiceNow, and new alert injections are not working. Manual POST requests using the same password work, so it's definitely an issue with the integration.


  • All versions of xMatters
  • ServiceNow integration 5.x


This may be due to a special character in the password that isn't saving properly in ServiceNow. The fastest workaround would be to use a simpler password, but if you require a more complex password, you can fix this issue using one of the two following changes to in ServiceNow: 

Option 1:

Manually set the password:

  1. In the Filter navigator, enter ‘sys_properties.list’
  2. Scroll down until you find the property to update; e.g., x_xma_xmatters.xmatters.reb.password
  3. In the Value column, type in the new value as plain text.
  4. Click the update button to save it; ServiceNow will automatically encrypt the value.

Option 2:

Using a background script similar to the following, replace NewPassword with the password you want:

gs.setProperty('x_xma_xmatters.xmatters.reb.password', 'NewPassword');


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