What phone number does xMatters use when making voice calls?


When xMatters calls me on a voice device, what number does it use? And what number should appear in the call display on my phone?


All versions of xMatters


This is one of those questions that has a more complex answer than you might think...

To get the easy part out of the way, most North American users will see +1 (888) 366-4911 on their call display, and it should be from Everbridge or EVERBRIDGE, depending on your provider. (Note: this is a relatively new number and some users might have set up their phones to allow a different number to override their do-not-disturb settings.)

However, you can configure your company settings to show a different caller ID that allows users to see that calls are coming from their organization. Also, the caller ID may be different in some countries and regions outside of North America. Whenever possible, we try to ensure that the call is clearly identified as being from xMatters / Everbridge, but not all providers are configured exactly the same way.



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