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Is there a possibility to define the number of retries that are done on a phone call?
In some cases we only want people to be called once and stop retrying even if the call was not answered.

Terminating the alert after 1 min is a kind of solution, but then people might think the problem is solved and don't react.



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  • Hi Michael,

    Yes, you can set the number of voice call retries in the Handling section of the Form.  It's label is Voicemail Options and allows you to set the retires and frequency. 


  • Hi Paul,

    But thats just when you reach the voice mail, what if the user has no voice mail setup?

    Our tests showed you get called until the alert is terminated.

  • Hi Michael,

    Sorry for the delay in responding, as I was off for a few days.  I don't have a phone that has no voice mail, so I have not tried to test that situation, although I wanted to see if you are able to test the voice call with "Do Not Leave A Message" specified as the Voicemail Option.  

    If there is a voicemail, it will of course work nicely, and consider the voice message complete after finding a voicemail.

    Best regards,



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