Weekly shift with alternating team members

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I have 2 teams within my broader team umbrella.

One team (Team 1) has 6 members, and another (Team 2) has 5 members for 11 total.

I want to create a weekly 24x7 on call schedule, starting Monday ending Sunday. 

I need one member from each team on call at all times but rotating throughout the teams, and because of the odd number of team members, the on-call groupings become complex. One team member on Team 1 goes on call for the week every 6 weeks, and the other every 5. 

Additionally, we moved responsibility around to share duties and account for holidays, so that further complicates my shift scheduling. I built it beautifully in excel, but I am having difficulty now getting it to look and behave in xmatters, where it counts.

Looking for examples of how I can put this together in xmatters. Thanks!



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  • What I would do in this situation is create two xM Groups, one for each of your two Teams.

    For the first 6-man Team, create a Shift for each team member with that team member being the only member of that Shift.  The start and end dates for each member would match the next week that team member would be on-call with a Weekly Frequency and Repeat Every "7" weeks.  On Days would be set to "Mon" and End By would be "Never".

    Do the same thing for the 5-man Team in their separate xM Group except that Repeat Every will be "6" weeks.

    Just remember that if you add or remove a member from either Team, you will need to adjust the Repeat Every ## weeks in each of that Team's Shifts to match the number of team members in that Team plus 1.

    I don't have this configured in my environment but that design is possible and should give you what you need.

    I am not sure how this will work for your "Additionally..." paragraph but at least it is a start.



  • I think Mike is right in suggesting you set up two groups - one for each of your teams. How you structure those groups depends on how you want to escalate alerts within each group if the primary person doesn't answer and escalate between the groups if the initial group doesn't answer ... if you want to escalate at all.

    1) How do you want to rotate between the teams? It sounds like they are both on-call all the time, but which team picks up an alert changes - is that correct?

    2) What do you want to happen if the primary person on call a team does not respond? So if the primary person in Team 1 doesn't respond, should the alert go to the next person in Team 1 or should it go to the primary person in Team 2?


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