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Hi, I have a requirement to build an advanced schedule.

We have 8 members and 2 rota:

- daily support rota: Mon-Fri, but Mon-Thu is 9-17.30, Friday is 9-17, every member of the group rotates daily

- on-call support: Mon-Thu is 17.30 - 9am (+1), Fri is 17 - 9am, Sat and Sun are 9am - 9am (+1)

So if we look at the first case (the daily support rota) the problem is that I can't have a single shift (Mon-Fri) where 1 day has a different duration. In alternative, I tried to create 2 shifts, the first for Mon-Thu and the second for the Friday only. But how can I guarantee then a consistent rotation (Mon:A -> Tue:B -> Wed:C -> Thu:D -> Fri: E, Mon: F etc.)?



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  • @Michele, I believe the design I use will work for this but not positive as we don't use Rotations.  But you could give it a try.

    I create a xM Group for each user called <UserName> On-Duty Hours.  In this On-Duty Hours Group create a Shift for your Mon-Thu is 9-17.30 with that User's Account being the only Recipient in that Shift.  Then create a second Shift for your Friday is 9-17 with the User's Account being the only Recipient in that Shift.

    Then, in your "daily support rota" Group, instead of listing the Recipients using their User Account names, list their On-Duty Group.  Repeat for all other Users and set the Shift for Rotation and any Delays between, if needed.

    Repeat the process for your "on-call support" using <UserName> On-Call Hours" Groups for each user and a "On-Call" Group.

    With 8 members being both in the "daily support rota" and the "on-call support" you would end up with 18 Groups including the "daily support rota" Group and the "on-call support" Group.

    I know there are improvements in the works for Groups and hopefully this will be easier to build and maintain in the future. but it is what it is for now.

    Let me know if that solves your issue.




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