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We currently use a service to redirect calls coming into our 1-888 phone number to our on call resource.  Is it possible to have those be redirected through xMatters so that it can use the calendar and workflow we have configured to automatically call the correct person?  We have the Starter license and typically only get 1-2 calls a month.



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  • Hi Linda,

    Would you say the requirement is to redirect a call to a live person or is the intent to provide a message for your on-call resource to listen to? We can't redirect a live call to a live person, we can through an external integration have a pre-defined message sent and activated via a phone call. I don't think that will quite help you in this situation though again depending on the full intent.

    The integration I was thinking of is this one:

    It's not an integration we support through the product but this page has a contact link if you have questions or issues with it.

    Take a look and reply if you think this will work or have any questions.

    Happy Monday!

  • Ideally we'd want to redirect to a live person.  I don't think a pre-defined message would work under the circumstances.  I'll take a look at the integration.


  • Hi Linda,

    The github integration that Francois noted above can provide the functionality you are looking to provide.  The sample integration is really robust with multiple options for handling an inbound call.  Click the link about and over on our github site you can scroll down to view the process map.  the far right column (4) is the functionality that looks up the current on call person and then connect the inbound call to them.  We've set this this up in test environments as well, since you just need a Twilio account to get it working.


    Best regards,


  • It's been a few months but I wanted to follow up and thank you.  We did implement Twilio.  I've done some tweaks to the integration (in particular I added call blocking and changing the process to only repeat the menu a few times before assuming there's no person on the other end and hanging up).  It's working pretty well for us, definitely love that our folks don't have to manually change the phone with every shift change.  

    Thanks for the suggestion!


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