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I have 4 shift timings which remainns same throughout.  General, Shift 1 , Shift 2 and Shift 3. I would like to map team member to various shifts based on the team members availability.  One team member needs be mapped for a particular week and it may change for next week. How can I map team member to various shifts per day

        S1 S2 S2 S3 S3 OFF G





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  • @Abdul,

    I do my Groups a bit differently than the OOTB method.  I create On-Duty Group for each staff member and an On-Call Group for those staff members that also work after their normal work hours. 

    Our use of xM is for our IT department which is divided into Teams.  Each Team has a certain area of responsibility (ie: Networking, Servers, Applications, etc.).  And each of those Teams has multiple Groups (ie: Warning monitoring system alerts, Critical monitoring system alerts, CRM case assignments or updates).  For Warning alerts, one Team member is notified and if they don't ACK within 5 minutes, another member of that same Team is notified.  For Critical alerts, the whole Team is notified at the same time.

    The Team Groups have 1 24x7 Shift and all staff member's On-Duty and/or On-Call Groups are added to that Team Group 24x7 Shift.  I no longer have to change hours for a certain staff member in every xM Group they are a member of.  I only need to change those hours in their related On-Duty or On-Call Group.

    I have been using this design since the beginning of 2022.  It works great for our situation and has saved me time when staff change their hours.  While this design won't fix your " may change for the next week." situation, it likely will help you with managing that situation because you will only need to update it in one place.

    Hope that helps.



  • @ Abdul,

    Let me add that the solution I described above also provides the ability to use the Holidays feature for Teams that span more than one copy.  I don't assign Holidays to the Team's Groups and do assign the appropriate Holidays to the staff member's On-Duty Groups.

    Without the staff On-Duty Groups, I was unable to assign Holidays to the Team's Groups that span countries since you can only one Holiday setting to a single Group.



  • Thanks, Mike for your response. Certainly, will explore this option where I can use it


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