My Android phone is not ringing for xMatter notifications.

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When I receive xMatter notifications my phone is just vibrating and not ringing. Unable to find what settings to change. Need help, please. Thank you



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  • I think I found it. Thank you anyways :) 

  • Hi Murali, glad you got it solved! Just for reference for anyone else finding this, the path to change your notification settings is as follows:

    1. Click the hamburger menu (the three lines on the top left side)
    2. Tap 'Settings' near the bottom of the menu
    3. Tap 'Notification Settings' at the top

    You can customize your notifications settings, and perform local troubleshooting to make sure it's set up and working the way you want, from here.

  • Thank you

  • Hello @Chris Patch

    Yaa I also faced the same problem

    Thanks for sharing this information. 


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