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Hello community,

I've searched through the docs, forum and videos and so haven't found an answer so far.


So the goal:

1. Have Primary and Secondary on-call person

2. Secondary must be notified only after timeout (no response) from Primary

3. I would like to see on my dashboard that I am Primary/Secondary this week (shift name does solve the problem actually, but.. see below)


I've tried very straightforward approach - one shift with all members (4) rotation - that works well but don't fit under 3 point.

On the Dashboard I am always on call, which is actually true but I am Secondary.


Then I've tried this approach:

1. Create two groups - one Primary and one Secondary

2. Mix them in a new shift, where Primary contacted immediately and Secondary after some delay

The problem is - looks like all members from Primary and Secondary are notified simultaneously.


I guess some kind of shift of shifts would help - like notify Primary shift, if not answered - notify Secondary shift.


Any idea how we can achieve that?


Thanks in advance,





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  • Ivan,

    With your Primary and Secondary Groups added to a third Group, you can then place a delay between the Primary and Secondary Groups so that the Primary is contacted and then some period of time later, the Secondary is contacted.  Have you tried this?



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