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I have standard user access to xmatters. Want to integrate few things from work flow. I am unable to find the page. Is it with access level? if yes, which level of access i should get.




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  • Hi Praveen

    By default, a standard user does not have access to create or edit Workflows, you would need the developer role assigned to you by your Company Supervisors or IT Helpdesk.

    You can see the default roles and the access provided by each here:


  • Hi Praveen,

    Typically you will want some sort of Developer role in xMatters in order to create and edit workflows. The name of this role may depend on how your organization decided to provide access within their environment so the recommendation would be to consult with your internal team about elevated access. Standard User typically would be able to see alerts they are a recipient of, respond to alerts, sometimes generate new alerts depending on permissions and edit/view their profile information, schedule and devices.

    If you refer to this article, you can see what the core roles do and what functionality they provide:

    The developer role again is the one that provides workflow access so is the recommended avenue to explore.

    Happy Monday!


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