Adding a newline to xMatter messages

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I am using Splunk to send alerts to xMatters. This is facilitated through an API.

In splunk, when setting up the Xmatters trigger action I can provide the Alert API Key, Alert Severity & Alert Summary. 

The alert summary is what I am using to provide details of the alert, and this is what populates the event description in Xmatters.

I would like to be able to format the message from Splunk to include a newline character in the event description in Xmatters however everything I have tried has been unsuccessful and I can't see anything online or in the faqs that address this.  

I have tried adding \n into the Splunk Alert Summary however this just removes the \ in xMatters and keeps the n. Is there a way to add a line break/new line into the Xmatters event description?



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  • Have you looked at the payloads in xMatters to confirm that the \ is being removed after it gets to xMatters (the payload still has the \ in it)?

    Have you tried using HTML instead, like <br>?

  • Hi Sean,

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    So when I open up an event in xMatters the summary that I provided in Splunk comes through as an event description. 

    When I add the \ to the message, this doesn't show in the event description in xMatters. 

    This is similar to when I try the <br> except the angular brackets disappear and leave behind the br.

  • Seems like there is a misunderstanding, when I asked about the payloads in xMatters I'm referring to the data in xMatters before the event is created with the summary/description. So looking in the signal report ( or the flow designer activity ( to see the payload of data xMatters is receiving from Splunk and using to create the event.


    I guess another thing to look at, to make sure i'm not making an incorrect assumption, is that the xMatters form you are using to generate the event has the description setup as a multi-line field (


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