Email trigger has wrong sender information

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Maybe I'm misunderstanding something here but if an email gets sent to the email address configured for an email trigger, the output "email.sender" is getting set to the email address of the authenticating user rather than the email address that is the From field in the email.

Is that by design? It is causing me serious problems because the identity of who sent the email is getting lost and that means it is impossible to communicate back to them.

If it is by design, is there a way of extracting the From field and setting up an alternative property?

If it isn't by design, what might I have done wrong in the configuration?





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  • What is your email trigger using for Authentication method? Send from any email, or Send from an xMatters email device?

    (See if you aren't sure what i'm referring to)

  • It is "Send from any email".


  • Sounds like that is your culprit, try switching it to Send from an xMatters email device; making sure that the address you are sending from is in xMatters as a device for someone with permissions to use the form.


    Relevant snippit from above referenced document:

    • Send from any email: An email sent from any email address will trigger the flow. The flow runs using the credentials of the user selected in the Authenticating User field.
    • Send from an xMatters email device: Only emails sent from an address associated with a valid xMatters device will trigger the flow. The flow runs using the credentials of the user associated with the email address.
  • I need it to work for any email sender, though.

    I appreciate that the flow runs using the credentials of the user selected in the Authenticating User field but why does that cause the email.sender field to get set to the "wrong" value?

    It feels like a bug. If it really is the expected and desired behaviour, is there a way I can extract the correct value?


  • I'll also check into this one... the output's help references that we are returning the User ID, but I am not sure what value there is to having the user ID. We don't return the User ID of the authenticating user for the HTTP triggers, so it seems strange to do it here. I'd rather have the email address which I might use for filtering, routing or other stuff.

  • Ahhhh, I'm following now. In the same vein as what Travis said, since it uses a predefined authenticating user it doesn't even try to do anything with the sender of the email. Essentially assuming that the sender is the authenticated user/because you want to allow any email you don't care where it comes from, and if you want their email address I should give you the one in the authenticated user's device list (since it assumes that is the one they want to be contacted at) rather than the sender. 

    It kind of makes sense, but now that you mention this it seems like it should pass the info for the authenticated user AND the from address of the originating email. Looks like Travis' custom step will fill this gap for now.

  • Thank you for the feedback, everyone.

    I've implemented Travis' custom step and it has, indeed, filled the gap.



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