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Hi All -

I'm looking to generate groups performances, I'm not sure if I'm overlooking an aspect of xMatters, but how can I schedule these types of reports Weekly/Monthly etc, instead of going into each of the group individually then exporting to excel to be emailed.  This article seems to go in the direction, but wasn't able get what i'm looking to get.

Thanks for any assistance.



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  • Hello!

    We currently don't have a mechanism to schedule the reports to be sent out, however, you could use something similar to this:

    If you're up for some coding, the same method could be used to schedule an event to fire every so often, run an outbound integration script to retrieve all the groups, then for each one post to an inbound integration with the group name. That inbound integration then retrieves the necessary report through the APIs and builds the payload to create an event. Then another API call to get the group supervisors and set them as the recipients and fire away. 

    .... er, now that I go poke around in the APIs, I don't actually see a specific report operation. What data exactly are you looking for? Everything on this screen? More fields, less fields?

  • That is correct, everything on the Group Performance screen, we have several groups and wasn't able to find a report operation as you mentioned, I'm not oppose to a little coding, is it possible to get to the group performance by another method?

  • Well... no. It doesn't look like it. I did track down an existing request to make these reports available via API and I added your name to it. 

    Unfortunately, for now it looks like getting them through the UI is your only option. 

  • Is there any update on this? 

  • Thanks for sharing your interest with us Ryan.

    I've asked for some feedback on a feature like this internally, we'll let you know if this is still being evaluated or if it's being worked on. 

    Happy Monday!

  • Hi xMatters Team

    Even I am looking for a way to schedule the user and group performance reports. It will be great if you can atleast add it to your product backlog.

    Thank you !

  • Thanks for showing interest Rahul! I have added your company to the interested parties for this feature. Our product management team pays attention to this, especially if a feature keeps getting requests. Appreciate your feedback.

    Happy Thursday!

  • What is the status of this?  Is it on a list anywhere?  If not, can you add us to the list of interested parties?

  • Hi Beth, no set timeline for this as yet. I've added your company to the interested parties for this feature. Thanks for your feedback!


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