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Any ideas on how to target a message to a specific role(s)?


Other than getting a list of all the users with that role and listing all of them as recipients?



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  • Hey Sean,

       Interesting question. No, not directly, unless, like you say to retrieve all the users with that role. Actually, we don't have the API to query based on role, so you'd have to loop through every user and determine if they had the role and target them. 

    How often would this be a thing? We generally use Custom Fields to identify "notifiable" type criteria. If you had a custom field and populated it for all the relevant users, then at dev time, you can create a new Dynamic Team that figures out at run time who should be notified. 

    It might take some set up, but depending on what you are doing, this might make for a more robust solution. 

    Happy Thursday!
       --- Travis

  • Our use case for contacting a specific role comes up a couple times a year. We have some routine communications we target to just the users that have the ability to supervise groups, for us that means pretty much users with one role. Currently we email them outside of xMatters, getting a list of them by exporting all users and filtering on role; as you mentioned doing this through the API would require going through every user so we just opted to do an export.


    We're aware of dynamic groups and currently have one setup to target all our users (we only use one site right now), but haven't taken the time to identify the best way to implement a custom field for this.


    I had a hunch that this wasn't possible, but figured I'd check before we started the work of figuring out how to best use custom fields to divvy up our different user populations.


    Thanks for the info!

  • Related followup question, how do you tell a DataSync process to ignore the custom attributes we apply to users in the web interface?

    We have a scheduled DataSync process to add/remove users, our users are externally owned, and have found when it runs the custom attribute we give someone is taken away.


    I looked through some documentation and am aware of manifest.xml where we can tell it to ignore certain devices in the sync, is there are an equivalent for custom attributes and/or fields?

  • I guess this only applies to custom attributes, I tried out a custom field and found that our DataSync did not impact this.

  • After weighing the pros and cons, Sean and I found it would be preferable to use custom attributes (instead of a custom field). Currently our DataSync process is removing all custom attributes upon running, is there any insight on how we can configure our DataSync process to retain the custom attributes?

  • Hey guys! Happy New Year. When you refer to DataSync, are you talking about the EPIC sync, or a Data Sync from an application such as Remedy or ServiceNow?

  • We're using EPIC in ZipSync mode. Please let us know if any other information would be helpful.

  • Ok, I'm not too familiar with EPIC, tracking down some experts. Please hold and our trained monkeys will be with you soon. 

  • Hey Hallie, can you open a support ticket? Support will be able to walk you through that in better detail than I can here. 

  • Will do. Thanks for getting us on the right track.

  • For anyone else that might be curious about this, our ZipSync is operating in mirror mode which is what caused the attributes to get wiped out.


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