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As I understand it, xmatters can integrate with ServiceNow to create incident tickets if required.


We also have a need to create change requests with many (in the hundreds) of CI's within ServiceNow.  We currently use Kelverion for this task.  Does xmatters provide us with the ability to read in a list of hostnames and create change requests within ServiceNow on demand and adhoc?


Thank you.



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  • Hi! That sounds pretty interesting. I haven't seen a script to create change requests, but the ServiceNow API is really straightforward. I hashed this together based on our create incident function:


    function createSNOWChange( payload ) {

    var request = http.request({
    'endpoint': 'ServiceNow',
    'method': 'POST',
    'path': '/api/now/v1/table/change',
    'headers': {
    'Content-Type': 'application/json'

    var response = request.write( payload );

    // Write the response to the activity stream


    Then you can call the function like this:

      var payload = {
    "caller_id": "xmatters",
    "short_description": "Short description here",
    "description": "Description here...",
    "urgency": "1",
    "impact": "1"

    createSNOWChange( payload );


    I think the hardest part is sorting out exactly what values you want in what fields. So if you go open a change take note of the values you enter and remember the API payload uses the "column name" and not the "column label". 

    Let us know how that goes!

    Happy Friday!

  • Excellent response Travis. Happy Friday indeed!  :)

    We haven't integrated xmatters yet but once we do I'll give this a shot.

    If you don't mind, another question for you.

    Our SCORCH/Kelverion  system also has the ability to monitor an email account and based on the subject/content/sender details we can create ServiceNow incidents from the emails we receive. 


    Does xmatters provide us the ability to do the same?  I apologize if this information is in your documentation.  I did try to search for xmatters integrations but could not find how to monitor an email account for content and integrate with ServiceNow.  


    Thank you.

  • Similar to Travis' response and code snippet, you can setup an Email Integration against any Form in xMatters.  You can add a forwarding rule to your source email inbox to this unique email address on the Form, and from there parse the contents and spawn other forms, execute other Inbound Integrations/scripts, etc.

    Take a look at these articles for more details:

    Configure forms for email initiation

    Initiate a form by email

  • Jordan beat me to it :)

    I also wrote up a friendly blog post here; https://support.xmatters.com/hc/en-us/articles/202864905-Inbound-Email-Integration-GIG-part-3-

  • Hello,

    Please assist my query.


    Once service now integrated with xMatters, We know that xMatters will make an auto callout (voice, SMS, etc) to the respective groups/users. 

    An incident generated in service now, xMatters picked up the incident and trying to contact the respective contact numbers of the group updated in the system. If suppose the primary-secondary & escalation contact members have not acknowledged the call, whether xMatters will make service now to redirect the incident to a different group?

    Finally, My question is whether xMatters will be able to perform auto-assignment of incidents from one group to another group (for an unacknowledged call) in service now?

  • Got the point layout Travis. 

    Thank you so much !!!


    Once service now gets integrated with xMatters , Is that possible that  we fetch / read the users / groups directly from service now or we need to add users and groups one by one / import in xMatters system ?


    FYI I'm familiar with adding users and groups one by one / export from .csv file. 

    My question is whether we can synchronize the users and groups directly from service now ?

    I suspect we can do that but i'm not sure about the steps. Please advise

  • Yup, looks like you can sync users and groups from ServiceNow to xMatters. Take a look at this for more:


  • To add to Sean's comment (thanks, Sean!), here's an overview of the process for syncing users and groups from ServiceNow to xMatters:

    1. Assign the x_xma_xmatters.xmatters role to the users and groups you want to sync (if you assign it to a group, it gets assigned to all users in the group automatically).
    2. Run the batch load users to load all the users to xMatters. Wait for that to finish, then run the batch load of groups.
    3. Once that's done, make sure you've enabled dynamic sync on the xMatters configuration pages in ServiceNow. When a user or group gets the role added, they'll be added to xMatters. Changes to users and group with the role are synced to xMatters.

    You can find more info on the batch load here: https://support.xmatters.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004327803-ServiceNow-integration-version-5-4-#seed_data

    And the configuration pages here: https://support.xmatters.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004327803-ServiceNow-integration-version-5-4-#complete_xmatters_config_pages


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