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Does xmatters have Microsoft Teams integration available? If not are you planning to add that and is there a timeline for it?



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  • Hi Niket!

       We do not have an integration built yet but we looked into it a bit. We can send messages into a Team chat without much of an issue using a custom bot. Unfortunately, firing messages to xMatters gave errors because Teams is expecting a specific payload and status code response that the integration builder cannot return at this point. 

    So if you want to have xM send event status, device delivery or response information into a Team chat, then building this should be pretty straightforward. Unfortunately at this time, initiating events or triggering an IB script from a Team chat is a no go. 

    What are your use cases? What would you like to see it do?

    Edit: Oh, I almost forgot, there is no current timeline for it, but it's something we can look into. 

    Happy Monday!

       --- Travis

  • Travis,

    I'm looking for this functionality as well, my use case is to be able to send HIGH priority events (or some other filtering) to a Microsoft Teams channel, one-way is fine, I don't need integration back into xMatters. Any advice?

  • Hi Jay,

       So it is possible, yes, except Teams will dump an error into the channel after every successful webhook call. The error comes from Teams expecting a specific response code and payload, and unfortunately our integration builder can only respond with a 204 and the requestUUID. Teams doesn't see what it is looking for and posts an error. Meanwhile, our integration builder is happily processing the request. I reported this here and their response was to change how we respond to webhooks. More unfortunately, this would require a good deal of effort to restructure how we process the incoming requests. 

    Currently, when a request is received by the IB, the 204 and requestUUID are sent back and the payload is added to a queue. Another process picks this off the queue and actually runs the script. This asynchronous architecture gives us the required high availability and resource allocation but can be too rigid in times like this. 

    The other option is to build out a fully featured custom bot, similar to what we are working on for Stride and Slack, but these are non trivial either and will take some time to roll out. 

    I created a request (PM-5614) to see about a way we can have custom response codes and payloads, but I'm not sure how the timing will go. 

    I'm sorry I don't have better news at the moment, but this will help drive the right conversations about how to deal with these situations. 

    Happy Tuesday,
        --- Travis

  • Hi Travis,


    We would like to have xM send a message into a Teams chat for when we have a Major Incident event.  Sounds like this is possible based on your earlier replies.  Am I correct?




  • Hey Jared,

       Yep, we were able to get a message into an existing channel. I think you'll use the Chat Message API call:

    And use the HTTP Client in the Integration builder to make the actual REST call:


  • Hi Travis, since December last year has the status changed for MS Teams and Slack?  Both seem to listen to "other" solutions.  Thanks.

  • Hey Anthony!
       Yes! We launched a Slack bot a while back, available here and we're launching an MS Teams bot in the next couple weeks. 

    Both of these bots have similar functionality, in that you can look up on-call info and invite people to the room. 

    I hope that helps.

    Happy Friday!

  • Great news, Travis, thanks!

  • Hey Travis - any news on when the MS Teams bot will be available? Thanks!

  • Hi Luiza - No solid answer as the holdup relates to this being a Microsoft store submission process. We are on something like our 7th submission to the MS Teams QA team, which is in another timezone. The timezone difference, and evolving Team store standards, are making for a drawn out process. We are currently working through the sign out process... we believe that only the user that creates the bot should be able to sign the bot out (which protects it from mistakes), while Microsoft won't approve the app unless any user is able to sign the bot out. This is the only remaining approval holdup.

    Curious if you have an opinion?

  • This is Bud Rahe from Reed Elsevier.  We are very interested in the MS Teams integration.  Do you need a test partner? 

    Some of the functionality we would like to see implemented is outlined below.  Can you tell us which of these will be available in the first release?

    1. Launch a MS Teams session for an active ServiceNow Incident through xMatters with a single click.
    2. xMatters groups/users are then notified to join Teams session
    3. xMatters users can join the Teams session with a single click
    4. One or more xMatters Conference Bridges can be auto launched for all or some participants invited to the MS Teams session and they can join the xMatters conference bridge with a single click 
    5. MS Teams Chat room dialog is recorded during Teams session and is attached to the Incident Ticket in ServiceNow
    6. Audio portion of xMatters Conference Bridge is captured and attached to the Incident Ticket in ServiceNow
    7. Audio portion of xMatters Conference Bridge is converted to a text transcript using voice to text translation and the transcript is attached to the Incident Ticket in ServiceNow
    8. Have the ability to have multiple MS Teams sessions (chat rooms) associated with a single ServiceNow Incident
    9. While browsing through a ServiceNow Incident Ticket Action Diary, Chat Room Text File, Conference Bridge Audio Recording or Conference Bridge Voice to Text Transcript File - all playback files are time stamped and automated assist is provided that enables user to easily position all four of them at roughly the same time for easy playback and assessment of what was going on at that time across all Recovery efforts captured for that Incident.   
  •  @Charles Rahe - I'm eager to see how this set of requirements you have comes through.  I'd like to add that making it non-specific to any one ITSM tool would be great ;-)

  • Hi Charles Rahe,

    Thank you for submitting your ideas.  Our upcoming Microsoft Teams integration will target a few very specific but popular use cases:

    1. Ease of Installation - install the integration directly from Microsoft Teams
    2. Find Group by keyword - search for groups using keywords. When multiple keywords are supplied, they are combined to make the search more accurate
    3. Display On-Call schedule - select a group from the returned group results and their on-call schedule will be displayed automatically.
    4. Invite to Channel - Once the On-call schedule is displayed, users would be provided with a button to Invite the user into the current Microsoft Teams channel to collaborate and resolve incidents. The target on-call resource will receive a notification via their preferred device(s) and they will join the Teams public channel automatically if they responded with the Join Channel option. 

    We really appreciate the ideas provided. They are captured in our product backlog and we will prioritize them based on demands and value.

    Thank you,


  • While we are throwing ideas around, it would be super helpful if the Team integration could be configured to only be installed to a specific team rather than the whole tenant.

    Our use of xMatters and organizational size make using this bot, as much as we want to, a non-starter. It wouldn't be appropriate for everyone in our tenant to have access to this bot.

  • Hey guys, some really good discussion here, and to avoid getting it lost in the shuffle, I created a new thread where we can discuss further. 

    Head over here:

  • We've also received the official word that we are through the certification process for the xMatters app. In their language "publishing usually takes 3-5 working days" so we should see it soon.

  • Thanks for the info Kam, I tested and can confirm that when installing the app we have the choice of installing it for just a particular team!

  • Sean, thank you for your feedback. Happy to hear it is working for you and your team.

  • We are testing the xMatters bot, we are able to invite on-call using the invite command. However unable to add any custom text or message while inviting from the bot. Do we have an option to add custom text when on-call is invited.

  • Hey Raj,

        Currently, no. The full command sent, which I'm sure you're familiar with, can be found here. They are pretty static, and unfortunately, due to the nature of how MS Teams requires the bot to work, we can't open it up to individual customer edits so I don't see a workaround :(

    However, I can see this being useful, especially so users can add a ticket number or something [SD-1234] for example, which could then be used to update that ticket with the invite or to pull in details to include for the recipient. I created PM-6540 to track the request and added your organization to the list. 

    Do you have anything specific you wanted to include in that additional context, or is this just general information about why the user is inviting the group to the channel?

    Happy Monday!
        --- Travis

  • Merry Christmas ! 

    Thanks for creating the request.  When we invite(Page) on-call from the xMatters webpage, we have multiple options to choose. It may be challenging to add all the options to the Bot, but adding 2-3 options to add the text and severity would be definitely helpful.

    Thank you,





  • Hey guys, 

    Responding to Kam Lau's comment on the permissions. Is there a way to manage permissions on user-level rather than Team level? 

    For instance, we only want to grant the permission to use the bot call-out functionality for a limited set of people (a certain AD group or user-by-user basis if the former not possible).




  • Gabrielius,

    I don't think Teams currently allows for that type of app permission management, I would guess Microsoft intends for you to do this via Team membership. E.g. create a team with the limited set of people you want to have access, and add the bot to that team.

    As far as I can tell, Teams apps can either be installed at the team or user level; with no way for an admin to install it and then specify which users it is made available to individually. I also doubt you would actually want the bot to be setup at the user level, because then every user would need to setup the integration themselves.


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