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Hello all!

So we've been working through subscriptions.  In one case within the subscription form we included a text property (Subject)  from the main communication plan form.

Then as a subscriber, I subscribe to that form.  So I need to something relative to "Subject" as the selection criteria.  The problem is what criteria to use if I don't care what the Subject is set to.  I've tried leaving it blank and I've tried entering ANY but neither seems to work.  Got these from looking at  What am I missing?





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  • Hello again! You can leave the Subject field blank to be subscribed to any value of it? If that is the only property on the subscription form you will have issues though because the system requires you to choose at least one property to subscribe to. 

    Oh, and in your link, I'm pretty sure "ANY" means "Any value you can enter", rather than the actual letters A-N-Y. I'll have TechPubs take a look and weigh in. 

  • Hi Travis!

    Correct, I can't leave it blank in my subscription criteria.  So I've been trying using Subject "contains" or "matches" and either leave the field blank or enter ANY.

    i.e. Subject contains ANY or Subject matches <blank>

  • Actually, re-reading that doc, it is referring to List properties, not Text properties. So, it literally means ANY.

    So you have a subscription form with a single property on it called "Subject" that is a text property and you want to subscribe to ANY value? I think that would essentially subscribe you to ALL events that come through that form, correct, or am I missing something?

  • Hi Travis,

    So Subject is a, well concrete example.  But think about it from a higher level.  In include a textual property in my subscription form.  So as a subscriber maybe I want to search for a keyword associated that property (like "Threshold failure") or maybe I don't care what the text property is right now.  I might want to see them all so I can do some parsing afterwards, or maybe I just want to see everything associated with the underlying escalation form for now.



  • Hmm ok. I've seen a request for allowing Regular Expressions in those fields. That would pretty much let you do whatever you wanted and might solve several other use cases. Are you comfortable with RegEx? I'm guessing we'd have a couple of examples to help get you going. 

    Some of the problems I know our support teams struggle with is people setting these things up, then freaking out when they all of a sudden get a bunch of notifications they weren't expecting. 

    I added you guys to the RegEx ticket (PM-4226). 

  • Yep, RegEx would be fine.  Examples would be useful so that general subscribers could do what they wish. Thanks for adding us to the ticket.

    Point taken on people getting a notification flood.  We'll likely add a list value or two to help users clamp down on the flood.

    Maybe something in the documentation currently about text box property addition not being something to be used right now?


  • "Maybe something in the documentation currently about text box property addition not being something to be used right now?"

    How do you mean? I'm successfully using text properties in subscriptions in a couple places. I'm pretty sure there are others out there as well. The contains and starts with I think are the most often used. 

  • Just that if you are going to include that property your subscribers will have to select something concrete to match against.  There aren't wildcards yet.

    Make sense?


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