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I am looking a sottware from help my support team to maanage the incidents. I tried different platform (Pagerduty,VictorOps, AlertOps) but I not am satisfied and I need to take a decision for next monday. Is it possible to try your service?




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  • Hi Davide, 

    Thanks for your interest in xMatters! We do offer a free trial - click here for mor information


    Let me know if you have any additional questions.

  • Hi Davide,

    How are you getting on with your trial of xMatters?

    I'm a member of the Product Management team at xMatters and would be very interested to hear why you've not been satisfied with our competitors and also help answer any questions about the most efficient way you could use xMatters to meet your requirements.

    If you have time to talk today before you make your decision please let me know and I'll be in touch.


    Iain Rose

    xMatters Product Management

  • Hi,

    thanks for the info. I am configuring my account. Just for give you some info. I want to use xMatters for centralize my incidents management.

    At this moment I use OpenNMS (I think that I need to create a custom script for comunicate my incidents to xMatters via API or via Email integration) New Relic free version and New Relic pay version. I want centralize this event and manage the escalation to my colleagues creating custom rules. I tried the same functionalities with your competitor and my problem was in the usability side not in the integration side. Honestly I not liked a lot the mobile apps version of your competetitors for notification issues.

    Is it possible do what I wish do?




  • Hi Davide,

    There are a few different features of the xMatters service which I think will help you to solve the problems you have described.

    First off, we have an integration with New Relic already built which you can use with your trial instance of xMatters.

    Secondly, xMatters allows you to selective route notifications to the on-call members of different groups or teams based on the properties of the events coming from New Relic, or any other source. We call these subscriptions, and they would allow to define conditions which could sent alerts for a particular node, service or application to one group and alerts for other issues to other recipients.

    Please let me know if I'm on the right track given what you are trying to do,


  • Hi,

    I follow your documentation for integrate xMatters with New Relic. I am receiving some errors in xMatters when I try the New Relic webhook


    Script failed with message: SyntaxError: Invalid JSON: <json>:1:0 Expected json literal but found d deployment=%7B%22created_at%22%3A%222016-12-20T18%3A32%3A36%2B00%3A00%22%2C%22application_name%22%3A%22Applicati ^



  • Hi Davide,

    I am curious where that payload is coming from, since it is not the same as the default New Relic Webhook payload. Did you try to create a custom payload on your New Relic notification channel?

    The payload we are expecting from New Relic looks like this:

    "owner": "Doug Penny",
    "severity": "INFO",
    "policy_url": "",
    "current_state": "test",
    "policy_name": "New Relic Alert - Test Policy",
    "incident_url": "",
    "incident_acknowledge_url": "",
    "targets": [{
    "id": "12345",
    "name": "Test Target",
    "link": "http://localhost/sample/callback/link/12345",
    "labels": {
    "label": "value"
    "product": "TESTING",
    "type": "test"
    "version": "1.0",
    "condition_id": 0,
    "account_id": 395751,
    "incident_id": 0,
    "event_type": "NOTIFICATION",
    "runbook_url": "http://localhost/runbook/url",
    "account_name": "xMatters_1",
    "details": "New Relic Alert - Channel Test",
    "condition_name": "New Relic Alert - Test Condition",
    "timestamp": 1482263612141

  • Hi,

    I tried and using the new versione of alerts of New Relic work fine. But I am using New Relic Legacy for manage my alarm notifications

  • Hi Davide,

    That makes sense. If you would like to use the Legacy version of New Relic alerts then you will need to define a custom payload that matches the JSON that I have pasted in my comment above. The only required field is "current_state" which is expected to be "open" in order to create a new xMatters event.


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