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If a user responds to an alert by Accept/Acknowledge, can we configure xmatters to send an email to the end user xmatters has accepted his response (accept/acknowledge )

ie, an email to end user stating , xmatters has acknowledged his response..



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  • Hey John - Do you mean a use case like a user receives a voice alert, responds with one of the presented response options, and then gets a follow-up email message to the effect that xM has received the response?

  • yes correct, response could be via email/voice

  • Hey John,
    I think you guys are still on premise so it isn't quite as straight forward as it would be in on demand. I harassed one of our support guys who's been around for a while and his solution was to make a command line call to an Integration Agent on the same box as the Application Server(s) using the (@script::exec)[] function. I'm trying to track down if there is a more direct way so if I find that I'll post it here.
    In the on demand system it would be rather easy to capture the response callback using the integration builder and then create a new event from there.

    I also need to point out that the on premise code you are writing won't be portable to the on demand system and the on premise product is sunsetting.
    Happy Tuesday,
    --- Travis

  • John,
    One other thought on this would be to copy the code in the handler for invalid responses, and use that to spawn a new fyi notification.
    It looks like most of the peices are already there, you just change the count to be only one, so you only send one auto response back to the user.

  • While trying to modify the invalid response code, I was thinking the down side to this is the code should be only run when device type is email, which will prevent it from sending ack emails on all responses, but we will not be able to tell if the email response was from clicking a link, or replying to an email

  • hi travis, yes i am using on premise solution, i could not get the link you sent to work.
    i will however wait for your further update.

  • kim, i tried to work with the invalid response code but could not get it working. also all the responses will be email only. response will be accept/reject

    below is the code, can you guide me on what to change

    #--- the user gets 3 messages saying invalid reponse, before we stop sending them ---#
    IF ($recipient.invalidCount <= 3)

    $notification.badReply = $reply
    @notification::requeue($response.recipient_target, 0)

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