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Is it possible to have different responses to a Notification based upon the type of device it is received on?

Specifically, since I am able to send much more information in an email or push notification, I would like to have more response options than a Text message or voice notification which is generally a notification with limited or a compact amount of information.



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  • Hey David,
    In the responses section, there are three fields, one for each message type. I can't post pictures here, so I'll point you to the docs that have a good one:
    The left one on the top row is for the smaller device types such as Text Phone (SMS) pagers and such, while the one on the right side of the top row is for email. And actually, for email they are both used. The one for text phones is the link and the one on the right is some additional information. For example, if you got an email from the form in the image in that help article, the responses would be listed like so:
    - Accept - Assign To Me
    - Reject - I Cannot Assist
    er, probably more info than you wanted to know, but too late, I wrote it up already. Let me know if that doesn't answer your question.

  • I guees that I'm looking for something that the product currently does not support. What I'd like to accomplish is to have a specific response available only on specific device types. I am working on an integration with BMC Control-M. Since specific device types like email and push notifications can supply more information in a better format than a Text notification I would like to give the recipient more response options on via an email/push notification than their text notification.

  • Hi Dave,

    I think that is not currently available yet. We can raise a PM ticket for this.

  • Thanks for you response Lei. What needs to be done to raise a PM ticket?

  • David, can you give a concrete example? do you just want to include different text for email or do you want different behavior? For example, "response 1, response 2" for SMS that both "End", but then "response 5, response 6" for email and both "Assign to User"? Or am I missing something?
    The reason I ask, is that you can define the responses available in the REST request object you send over. Check out the responses section here. This is an array of UUIDs for which responses you want to show up on each device. As I mentioned previously, you can have different text for the different devices, but note that they will have the same actions across devices. (By action I'm referring to the drop down that includes "Assign to User", "Stop notifying user" etc).
    So, if you want them to have different actions, then yes, you should raise that with PM by opening a support ticket and detailing what you want to have happen and what the use case is. But if you are ok with them having the same action, check out that responses section in the REST request.
    I hope that helps!

  • Travis, Dave is asking if we can display different response options on different device types, in the same event. For example,

    Email: Acknowledge, Ignore, Kill, Rerun, Request For Log
    Voice: Acknowledge, Ignore (that's it)

  • Lei, You are correct. Given that you are familiar with our integration with BMC Control-M it's a little easier to have and understand the my request. Since this is not currently an available option I would like to raise a PM. I will construct a Support Ticket and try my best to descibe exactly what I am trying to accomplish.

  • Ah, got it. Thanks for clarifying. Yea, open a support ticket and we'll get it on the engineering backlog.

  • David, did you ever open a ticket requesting this? I had a call with another client who might need the same thing and I was hoping to tie into your ticket. If not, I can open one and get your name on it. Thanks!

  • Travis,
    I did not open a ticket requesting this but would appreciate it if one were opened.
    I think that this would add additional flexibility to the product.


  • David, I opened PM-4097 on your behalf. It will get reviewed by Product Management.


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