Google Hangouts and xMatters

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Just wondering if anyone has integrated xMatters with Google hangouts? If so, can you share any experiences or approach that was taken?




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  • Hey Rodney,

    I haven't heard of anyone doing this, but what is it you are trying to achieve?

    Would you send notifications to a google hangout, or use google hangout to initiate notifications?


  • What would you want the integration to do?
    Contact people and ask them to join a G+ hangout?

  • Hey Rodney!
    I'm assuming you are intending to send messages from xM to Google Hangouts? I have not, but I poked around the API a little but didn't come to any definite conclusions. I'm sure it is definitely possible to build something using WS calls fired from the Generic Engine in an on premise system. Unfortunately, we don't have such a thing in the On Demand environment yet, unless you could translate an email, etc into a notification on hangouts... That might be your best bet.

    If I get some time I'll check it out. Sounds like a cool idea.

    Happy Tuesday!
    --- Travis

  • Hi Guys! Thanks for the response..

    We have a customer that uses Google hangouts extensively (I'm not overly familiar with the technology myself) and the plan is to have xMatters contact people and push them into a hangout when a major incident occurs. We are just having discussions at this stage but I was keen to see if anyone had already performed a similar integration and understand the use case around the integration and a little a bit of technical information would have been handy.

    I'll keep you posted on how we get on and if its something we get to build!


  • I do know Nick King at Techport did an instant message platform for @WhatsApp?

  • Is there any more information on how to send a message to a WhatsApp group?

  • Hi Gururajan,

    At this point we don't have anything specific developed for WhatsApp however generically speaking if there's an API we can connect to it.

    Doing a bit of google-fu I did see they have a business API:

    If you can send a REST POST/GET request via POSTMAN or CURL to send a message to an existing WhatsApp group you should be able to build a custom step in Flow Designer and set up your own integration.

    If on the other hand I read into your question a bit more, you seem to want to send a message to an existing WhatsApp group. Your options become:
    > Configure each member of this group as an xMatters user, create an xMatters group that has the same name and then send a message via regular xMatters channels/methods
    > Create an empty group, send a message to that and have an integration push the contents of the message via API to said WhatsApp group.

    You will want to be careful about using us as a middle-man here as this is not really a standard use case for our product so if you want to set up official users and groups in xMatters this may be more viable and use the group to interact with the message.

    If I missed anything please let us know.

    Happy Friday!

  • Thanks so much for the information!


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