Using EPIC ZipSync and Pentaho Data Integration to transform and synchronize your data with xMatters

What's data transformation?

Data transformation is the process of extracting, transforming, and loading data from one system into another system. For example, your organization might have an HR system that includes user, group, and device data that you want to load into xMatters for the first time.

Typically, there will be formatting differences between your system's data and the data format that xMatters requires. For example, your phone number format might not match the format used in xMatters, device names might be different, and so on. Depending on the data in your system and how you use xMatters, this process can get pretty complex. Fortunately, ETL software tools such as those offered by Pentaho have been designed to automate and streamline the transformation process.

What's Pentaho?

Pentaho Data Integration is a well-known ETL software tool that we've often used here at xMatters. The attached documentation and files describe how you can use this tool to extract data from your existing system, transform it into the required xMatters format, and then load it into xMatters.

Does xMatters support Pentaho?

Nope. Don't get us wrong: we're here to assist clients with the data transformation process in general, but we don't have any special relationship with the folks at Pentaho, and we don't provide Pentaho software support (they do, of course). 

Are other ETL products available?

Yup. Lots. 

How do I get started?

Download the attached documents and files and read through the Data transformation guide for ZipSync. We encourage you to work with the sample files so that you can think through your own data transformation needs - and learn some tips and tricks along the way.

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