Azure SAML configuration with xMatters

This article describes the process of configuring Single Sign On (SSO) with Azure. While attempting to complete the setup in Azure, some users noticed a few inaccuracies in the Microsoft documentation.

Here's what you'll see in Azure, and what's required to configure SSO properly with xMatters:


  1. In the xMatters OnDemand Domain and URLs section:
    • Identifier: Remove the final backslash.  For example:
    • Reply: The reply URL is the SAML link from the metadata. For example:


  1. In the Azure SAML Configuration window:
    • Single Sign On URL: Use the myapps link. For example:
    • You may be able to find it in your Azure application configuration (user access URL) as shown below:


  2. In the xMatters SAML Configuration window, ensure the Identity Provider ID uses rather than the URL.

  3. In the Azure configuration, make sure the Sign On URL is NOT populated. It should be left blank.

    Note that if you do enter a value for Sign On URL it will result in a looping effect between the Azure login screen and the xmatters login screen.
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