Getting Started: Sending your first xMatters message


I have set up my profile, set up new users in xMatters and created groups with on-call schedules. Now I want to send a message how do I do that?


  • All versions of xMatters


To send your first message: 

  1. Click the Messaging tab (or click Send Alert on your dashboard and skip to step 3). 
  2.  Select one of the sample messages (for example, “IT COMMUNICATIONS – Send Alert”) from the menu on the left. 
  3. Use the Recipients search field to add a group, a user, or someone's device as a recipient. To try out sending and responding to a message, you can set yourself as the recipient.
  4. Complete the other form fields however you would like; this is just a test.
  5. Click Send to send the message. 
    • Want to preview a message before you send it? Click Preview Message to see how the message will look in different formats.
  6. Respond to the alert from your device (assuming you set yourself as the recipient).

You can watch the progress of the message and see how your responses affect the timeline on the Event report. 

See the online help for more information on using the Messaging tab, sending messages from the mobile app, using the UI inbox and mobile app to receive and respond to alerts, and monitoring the progress of the event using the Tracking report.

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