Troubleshooting Integration Agent errors


My Integration Agent log has a number of errors. What can I do to narrow the problem down?


All versions of xMatters Integration Agent


Before contacting support, try the following:

  • Run the iadmin get-status command to verify the connection status of your agent.
  • Check the IntegrationAgent.txt log file (in the /logs folder) for relevant errors.
  • Narrow down if this is a startup issue for the service, a heartbeat issue to the xMatters server, an integration specific problem. or an SSL certificate issue.
  • If configuration issues are suspected, review the iaconfig.xml file in the /conf folder.

If you are still having trouble finding a solution, log a support ticket. Include a support zip file along with your request to help with further troubleshooting.

We have detailed documentation for managing and troubleshooting the xMatters Agent here.

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