Group Supervisor: deleting and editing groups


I have the xMatters Group Supervisor role, but I'm only able to edit or delete certain groups. Why is that?


All versions of xMatters


Users with the Group Supervisor role can't necessarily edit or manage every single group in our system. Each group has a specific list of supervisors, and only those users have the ability to edit or delete it. If you want to manage a particular group in any capacity, you need to be assigned as one of its supervisors.

To assign a Group Supervisor:

  1. As an existing supervisor of a particular group, go to the Groups menu and click on Groups.
  2. Click the name of the group you want to assign a supervisor to.
  3. On the Overview page, click Edit under the Supervisors section.
  4. Search for and select the user you want to assign as a supervisor for that group.
  5. Click Save Changes

Still need some extra help? Here are some useful resources about Group Supervisors and their capabilities in-product:

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