Automating a conference bridge based on a third party ticket or incident system


When we raise a "High" or "Critical" priority issue in a ticket system (for example, ServiceNow) we want to automatically initiate a conference bridge with a specific set of users. Is there a way to do this in xMatters?


All versions of xMatters


Yes, you can automate this process using Flow Designer by adding a Create xMatters Conference step or Create Event - Conference Bridge step. Currently, only xMatters hosted conference bridges are available in Flow Designer.

To automatically create a conference bridge for events with a specific priority:

  1. Create an HTTP trigger to accept the incoming ticket payload targeting the xMatters form.
  2. Add a Switch step to check for a specific priority (for example, "1 - Critical").
  3. Connect a Create xMatters Conference or Create Event - Conference Bridge step to create a conference bridge to notify the desired users.
    Note: If the recipients listed in the ticket are also the recipients you want to target for the conference bridge, you can pass that value onto the steps in the downward flow to ensure they're targeted for the call. Alternatively, if there are users that always need to be on critical conference calls, you can pre-populate the form with their details.

In the example below we have an HTTP input that contains properties from the Incident Alerts form connected to Switch step that evaluates the priority field. If the value from the Incident Alerts form matches "1 - Critical",  Flow Designer automatically launches an xMatters conference bridge.



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