xMatters corporate email domain changes to everbridge.com


Is xMatters changing its email address?  What does this mean?


xMatters is working with our Everbridge colleagues to consolidate our corporate email addresses on the @everbridge.com domain.

This change does not impact notifications generated by your xMatters instance, any xMatters integrations, or any product sites. 

What does this mean?

You'll soon start to receive emails from your contacts in Sales, CSM, Support, and other departments at xMatters using the @everbridge.com email domain. To make sure you don't miss any important communications from us, we recommend adding everbridge.com to your contacts or safe senders list.

You'll also receive communication about any support tickets or requests from xmatters.support@everbridge.com (instead of support-community@xmatters.com), but we don't anticipate any interruption in ticket communication when the change occurs.

You'll continue to receive emails from your xMatters instance using the usual address, your instance URL is not changing, and you can still contact us via https://support.xmatters.com.

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