Impact of Russia-Ukraine Conflict


How is xMatters affected by the war in Ukraine, and will there be any interruptions in service?


xMatters and Everbridge are actively monitoring the critical events in Ukraine and surrounding countries and taking every precaution possible to protect our employees, customers, and services within the region.

To quickly address our customers most common concerns:

  • The xMatters services are not dependent on any infrastructure located in the affected areas. (For a list of our data hosting locations, see Users can also subscribe to the xMatters status page to receive alerts about any issues or updates with the xMatters service.
  • The xMatters service and associated components do not license any third-party libraries developed in the region.
  • The service providers responsible for delivering notifications within the region (available on our Trust portal here: may have sporadic or lengthy interruptions that xMatters will be unable to predict or mitigate. Wherever possible, we strongly recommend that customers in the region install and configure the xMatters mobile apps. This way, users can still receive notifications if there are any issues with SMS or voice providers because mobile apps can get data via wi-fi on non-cellular networks.

For full context of how xMatters and Everbridge are responding to this crisis, please refer to the Everbridge Statement here:

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