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Is there any steps to be followed to configure Modems with xmatters 5.1 other than connecting the modem and installing the drivers for it. I could not find any instructions in the xmatters install admin document.



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  • Hey John, Did you see the section "Installing Dialogic Voice Cards and Drivers"? Basically you install the card, then run the driver installation, then install xMatters. The order is important for xMatters to properly recognize the card.
    Driver install files:

  • Hi John

    What type of modem are you using? We have a few "known good configuration" settings for different types - see the GSM one here:

    Basically, you need to configure your device engine, protocol provider, and serial device settings to identify and connect with the modem. If you're having trouble, feel free to contact support at the link at the top of the page.

  • Don, here is the modem i am going to install newly

    U.S. Robotics Courier USR3453C Analog Modem
    USRobotics - Part#: USR3453C

    ill check on the device engine, protocol provider and serial device settings..

    let you know

  • Travis, thanks, i did go through the document, but we have already installed the 5.1.5 version

    so far i have not yet connected the dialogic card to it, but planning to tomorrow

    so do you suggest i uninstall the xmatters first , then perform hardware install + driver install and then install xmatters again

    do you suggest to go ahead with xmatters already running then install dialogic setup

    do you suggest me try if it works with xmatters already running , if not then uninstall xmatters and install xmatters again..

    thanks for your reply..

    we got our phone lines setup very late , causing us to install xmatters first...

  • John, I recommend uninstalling xMatters on that box, doing the dialogic install and then reinstall. It will save a few headaches, trust me.

  • Travis, thanks, i will follow that path

    uninstall xmatters -> install dialogic card -> install xmatters.

    another question on this..
    if i install dialogic card and then install xmatters -> will the dialogic cards work if i migrate another 4.1 to this new server which is already running a blank 5.1.5

    will the dialogic card work with migration method

  • Travis, i mean, the 4.1 install might overwrite the database of the blank 5.1

    will it have any effect on the way dialogic card works with the migrated version.

  • Is this the only box you have of xMatters, or is this a notification node? I wouldn't recommend installing 4.1 if you don't have to and installer (4.1 or 5.1) won't overwrite a database. I think 4.1 will just have problems connecting to an xM 5.1 DB and vice versa.

  • Travis, let me explain.

    i am going to install new dialogic cards on 1 new server, then install xmatters 5.1.5 on it pointing to a db.

    then i have a 4.1 version running with dialogic cards on another server. it is at patch 23.

    soi am going to run the migrator tool to migrate this 4.1 to the new 5.1 server.

    so basically the new 5.1 server will be the working one . this one already had dialogic card configured in the first step

    so question is, will 4.1 migration to 5.1 cause any issues with dialogic card on the 5.1 server after the migration or migration tool run.

  • Oh, I see. To help minimize complications, I would wait to install the 5.1 node on the new dialogic box until after the migration has run. I think the migrator "helps" by pulling over all the known nodes from the 4.1 db and then it might get confused with this strange new 5.1 node. If you wait until after the migration has completed, then the new 5.1 install will definitely be properly registered.
    If you can't wait for what ever reason, then you'll just need to make sure your Nodes all have the correct IP addresses and that they are appropriately registered in the Nodes and Device Engines section of the xM UI.
    I hope that helps. Good luck!

  • Travis, we got the 4.0 to migrate to 5.1.5 and both dialogic/modems are working fine.

  • Sweet. Great to hear!


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