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All right, Android vs iOS - who ya got?

Well, while we can’t settle that debate here, we can tell you that whatever team your team is on, when they’re on the go, the easiest way to stay connected with xMatters is through the xMatters mobile app.

If you're an administrator, this guide is for you! Below, we'll take you through some of the powerful features and benefits of using the mobile app, as well as the best way to get your team ready to start using it.

Does my team really need another mobile application?

The xMatters mobile app allows your team to use the devices they already have, making it easy for them to access the power of xMatters on the go, even when mobile networks are unavailable (but WIFI or internet networks are). Users are also able to receive notifications without needing to be on a company network, or even have access to the web UI at all.

Still need convincing? Here are some of our customer's favorite features:

  • Save your users the cost of long distance conference call charges or outgoing phone minutes - we'll call them to connect to a conference bridge directly through the app.
  • End-to-end encryption means greater data security, which you can further enhance with additional passcode login requirements and biometric authentication options.
  • Easily access xMatters information right from your fingertips, 24/7. Users have the power to view and add comments to an ongoing event, manage their on-call schedule, set up temporary absences/replacements, and create reminders to make sure they're always ready for their next shift.
  • Say goodbye to limited length SMS messages, and hello to unlimited characters! Plus:




xMatters Mobile App

Rich-text formatting

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One-click responses

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Add comments to responses

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Immediate and noticeable messages

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Stable message routing

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No incoming call charges

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Multi-byte message support

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End-to-end encryption

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Free alert notifications

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Getting your team ready

Getting your team set up and ready to go with the app is easy. After you’ve sold them on the advantages of the xMatters app, they’ll need to download it to their devices. They can do this themselves, by simply searching for xMatters on either the Google Play or iTunes stores.

If you want to get your team up and running as quickly as possible, we've created this handy one-page guide you can download: xMatters Mobile App Quick Start Guide

Or, for a more detailed walk-through of the xMatters mobile app for users, check out: Ready, set, xMatters mobile app.

User types

Your team members who already have access to the web UI can add the xMatters mobile app as a new device to their profile. However, users don't need web UI access to reap the benefits of the app! If you only need to contact your team using push messages, you can assign users a Mobile-Only Standard role. This means they can do things like view their schedule, maintain their profile, create subscriptions, and send messages, but won't have the option to add other device types to their account other than the xMatters mobile app.

Password policy & biometric login

The xMatters mobile app has end-to-end encryption, but you can increase data security by configuring the mobile app passcode requirements and inactivity times for users. If you enable passcodes, mobile app users will need to enter a passcode before they can access their xMatters account. When this is selected, depending on the device, users also have the option to use their biometrics to login (fingerprint or facial recognition). This further strengthens the security of the authentication process, as well as making the login process quicker and simpler for the user.

Set the password policy

Connecting to conferences

Whether it's a vital team member missing a notification to join a conference bridge, or just the fact you find it frustrating to have to manually dial in, the xMatters app is here to solve your conference bridge pain. Now, it's easier than ever for your team to join a conference bridge: by getting the app to call instead! A user can simply select “Call Me to join a conference” in the conference bridge settings, so next time all they have to do is pick up the call, respond to the message, and they'll be automatically added to the bridge.

Use the mobile app to join a conference


Different phones can sometime react in unexpected ways. For example, some power saving settings on some devices can disable push notifications without warning. We've compiled a few troubleshooting tips in an article that might help: Mobile app troubleshooting.

The medium is the message

When creating communications specifically for the xMatters mobile app, keep the following in mind:

  • Design content to fit the screen sizes that the majority of your users use. The standard screen size for mobile phones varies between 320 pixels wide for older iOS devices, and up to 480 for the largest of the newer Android devices.
  • To make it easier for users to read and keep track of alerts, keep the title/subject of your message short enough to fully display in the notification section of the app (around 120 characters).
  • The body of the message is much more customizable and doesn't have the same length restrictions as text messages, but think about how to present information in a way that will make it easy to read on a small screen. Use tables, colors, and headings to help highlight important parts of the message.
  • When creating responses, try to use four options or less. This will allow users to select their response quicker, as they won't need to open the app to view them all. 

Tips & tricks

  • Overriding the Do Not Disturb mode (Android only)
  • You can install custom sounds from within the xMatters mobile app - just go to Notification Settings and Enable Custom Sounds. Then, tap System Settings to access the notification configuration screens for the xMatters app and select the custom sound of your choice.



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